Pharmaceutical Stability Test Chambers for Off Site ICH Stability Storage

We provide reliable validated stability test chambers that exceed FDA/ICH standards to help you maintain ICH specifications for proper shelf life or accelerated aging testing of your product during clinical trials or other testing protocols.

Precision Stability Storage is a full storage service provider. We not only store your product at your specified temperature ranges and humidity levels, but we can assist with proper pull protocols for your batches and can set up automated schedules to provide your drug substances and products for testing at the proper intervals.

We will also work with your group to schedule the type of shipment that will best fit your requirements.

Our facility offers the following off site ICH storage conditions:

  • Long-Term and Intermediate conditions of 25°C/40%Rh, 25°C/60%Rh, 30°C/65%Rh, 30°C/ 75%Rh, 30°C/35%Rh
  • Accelerated storage of 40°C/not more than (NMT) 25%Rh, 40°C/75%Rh
  • Refrigerated and Freezer storage conditions of 2°C – 8°C (5°C), -20°C, and -80°C

Our facility is a validated cGMP facility designed to meet Zones I – IV global submission requirements per ICH Harmonised Tripartite Guideline – Stability Testing of New Drug Substances and Products Q1A(R2). We provide precise, uniform temperature and humidity conditions for your pharmaceutical studies.

Storage for Specific Humidity Conditions

Long-Term and Intermediate conditions

25°C/60% RH Chambers
25°C/40% RH Chambers
30°C/65% RH Chambers
30°C/75% RH Chambers

Accelerated Conditions

40°C/75% RH Chambers
40°C/25% RH Chambers

Refrigerated and Freezer Conditions

5°C Chambers
-80°C AND -20°C Chambers

ICH Stability Guidelines

We offer storage solutions that satisfy the ICH (International Council for Harmonisation of Technical Requirements for Pharmaceuticals for Human Use) storage condition guidelines.