Precision Stability Storage

Precision Stability Storage has three cGMP locations that provide off-site stability storage space (including -20°C and -80°C storage) for products that require ICH specified environmental conditions. We offer an extremely cost-effective alternative to providing stability chambers in-house.

The expense of purchasing and owning a storage chamber represents a significant investment. Contracting your storage space needs with us allows for significant cost reductions that can be spread across the duration of the study.

Our facilities include the following benefits:

  1. ICH validated
  2. 100% redundant controls and conditioner
  3. Electric generator back-up (automatically switches on power loss)
  4. Continuous monitoring of each chamber that is Part 11 compliant
  5. Space and capacity to grow with your needs


For your off-site storage needs, Precision Stability Storage is proud to provide a range of conditions for clients with multiple needs. We offer the following standard conditions:
25°C/60% RH
30°C/60% RH
30°C/65% RH
40°C/75% RH
30°C/75% RH
25°C/40% RH
-20°C Freezers
-80°C Freezers

Additional chambers of custom temperature and humidity conditions per your specifications.


-20°C Freezers – Our freezers provide tight overall chamber uniformity of ±0.85°C, remaining in line with ICH guidelines for temperature & humidity during defrost cycles.

Our freezer/cooler delivers -20°C and 5°C conditions and maintains ICH specs even during defrost. Learn more about our new dual-zone climate control room.

-80°C Freezers – Designed to meet pharmaceutical and biological specifications.

All Precision Stability Storage chambers meet or exceed ICH guidelines and have been mapped and validated for FDA-mandated long- and short-term shelf-life studies under various temperature and humidity requirements. This includes intermediate testing and accelerated testing per ICH guidelines for the stability testing of new drug substances and products.

Our Locations:

Precision Stability Storage has designed our facilities to meet the needs of companies that may also require short-term storage, back-up contingencies, and overflow capacity.


Located just outside of RTP – the main base of pharma in North Carolina – our Wilson, NC facility has . served the industry for over 10 years. Led by a team of experienced stability personnel who are well versed in regulatory requirements, this location has grown to include a wide range of conditions and freezers.


Our newest facility is located in Hopedale, MA, just outside of Boston. This location is strategically placed near a number of existing and new customers, and is in proximity to many pharmaceutical companies in the New England area.


Our third facility, in Fort Lauderdale, FL, recently opened for business in 2019. This location is strategically placed near a number of existing and new customers and is in proximity to many pharmaceutical companies in Florida.

North Carolina

New England


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