Sample Storage

Precision is a long-standing partner to organizations in the biopharmaceutical space, including companies regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and AATB (American Association of Tissue Banks), providing reliable sample storage at temperature ranges as low as -80°.  We can accommodate your sample storage requirements and so that you can accurately and reliably track your product’s degradation in different temperature ranges. With cGMP compliant storage facilities in New England, Florida, and North Carolina, we can accommodate the specific needs of your clinical trials, from bacterial to large tissue storage in our fully mapped and validated 5°C, -20°C, and -80°C chambers.  Our tight control, precise mapping and constant monitoring helps to give our customers confidence that there is no (unexpected) degradation of their product while under storage at PSS.

Precision is a long-standing partner to organizations needing biological specimen and sample storage. We can ensure your strict requirements are met for genetic research, whether you need to store reagents, powders, or slides.

Precision provides cold storage conditions for biological specimens (including DNA and RNA studies) at the following temperatures:

  • Freezer rooms (-20C)
  • Ultra-low freezers (down to -80C)
  • Cooler rooms (5C) to meet ICH Q1A (R2) requirements

All freezers and cold rooms are completely mapped and validated.  We maintain 24/7 monitoring that is part 11 compliant.  Each system is alarmed and has a complete back-up system available if there are any mechanical failures.

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