Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezer Storage

Ultra-low freezer storage is intended to preserve biological material at/or around -80°C. In many cases -80°C is acceptable for longer-term storage of specific types of cells and molecules such as proteins and nucleic acids. Clients come to depend on offsite, ultra-low storage facilities when managing collections of sensitive and often irreplaceable specimens. Our specimen management experts collect, store, retrieve and distribute valuable biological assets and their annotated data.

The question is, should an organization store all its biological material and products at a single, on-site location when an offsite storage solution, like Precision Storage, can mitigate risk, free up space and resources, and improve overall operational efficiency?

Read on to learn about ultra-low freezer storage solutions and the benefits of storing and preserving samples offsite.

What is an Ultra Cold Freezer Storage Service?

Precision Storage offers a perfect solution for preserving most types of biological materials at -80°C over extended periods of time. With locations from coast to coast, we offer comprehensive, cost-effective biorepository services. Our employees are the best trained in the industry and are critical to our cGMP and ISO compliant offering.

Ultra-cold freezers safeguard temperature-sensitive biological samples and other materials, such as:






Small Molecules


Nucleic Acids



Creating the appropriate space to house ULT freezers can be a daunting task. ULT freezers consume a great deal of electricity, produce heat and can be noisy. It is rare for an organization to forecast future capacity requirements accurately. This can lead to overcrowding and safety issues within the organization. Precision Storage takes the guesswork out of the process with storage solutions for all requirements.

Regulatory compliance is the cornerstone of our ULT storage solution. We meet all regulatory requirements, including FDA, cGMP/GLP guidelines, and ISO. Regardless of your specific need, we have the right equipment for regulatory-compliant storage.

Our ULT storage solutions have:

  • Leading ENERGY STAR rating
  • Remote temperature control and monitoring systems
  • Extensive expertise in regulatory compliance
  • Highly customizable solutions to meet specific needs
  • Redundant cooling systems, backup generators, and monitoring systems
  • Ongoing quality assurance, including regular temperature monitoring, periodic equipment maintenance, and ongoing staff training
  • 24/7/365 security with controlled access and alarm response
  • Precision can store material within customer-owned units or our freezers

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