Standard Humidity and Temperature Ranges

For your off-site storage needs, we’re proud to provide humidity chambers and freezers with several temperature and humidity ranges. We offer the following standard conditions:
25°C/60% RH
30°C/60% RH
30°C/65% RH
40°C/75% RH
30°C/75% RH
25°C/40% RH
Additional chambers for custom temperature and humidity conditions per your specifications.


-20°C Freezers – Our freezers provide tight overall chamber uniformity of ±0.85°C, remaining in line with ICH guidelines for temperature & humidity during defrost cycles.


Freezer/cooler delivers -20°C and 5°C conditions; maintains ICH specs even during defrost

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Additional Freezer Options

-80°C Freezers – Designed to meet pharmaceutical and biological specifications.

Off-Site Storage

Precision Stability Storage offers an extremely cost-effective alternative to providing stability chambers in-house.

The expense of purchasing and owning a humidity chamber represents a significant investment at the beginning of a study. Contracting your storage space needs with us allows for significant cost reductions that can be spread across the duration of the study.

Precision Stability Storage has designed our facilities to meet the needs of companies that may also require short-term storage, back-up contingencies, and overflow capacity.

Stability Storage Contingency Management

Precision Stability Storage provides back-up stability storage to businesses whose own stability-storage facilities prove inadequate because of weather catastrophes, electrical failures or when you have excess clinical supplies.

Precision Stability Storage’s contingency management plan is customized to individual company requirements and is an uncomplicated approach to ensuring stability storage operations in case of an emergency.

As any company knows, the loss of products that have been in stability storage for a number of years could represent critical loss to a company and its customers. Experiencing fire, power outages, storms, aging equipment, hardware or software failure or any number of other events can significantly affect your stability storage operations. Our new contingency management plan guards against that loss.

Precision Stability Storage’s contingency management plan offers a resource for recovery efforts that is low cost and easy to execute.

Mitigate Risk

  • Minimize economic loss
  • Reduce the loss of products that have been in stability storage for a number of years
  • Prevent disruptions to operations
  • Provide an orderly recovery plan in the event of a disaster or emergency
  • Protect the continuation and integrity of stability trials

Comprehensive Contingency Storage Planning

We will work with you to develop a program that:

  • Allows you to resume stability storage operations in the event of an emergency
  • Stores excess clinical supply in our off-site stability storage facilities
  • Maintains all pre-set protocols for your study
  • Minimizes risk related to study delays or interruptions
  • Guarantees reliability of standby systems

For Regulated and Non-Regulated Applications

Precision Stability Storage utilizes Parameter rooms and chambers that are fully validated to meet strict temperature, humidity and uniformity controls. With conditions that meet International Conference on Harmonisation (ICH) guidelines, the chambers and rooms are monitored 24/7 and provide a regulatory compliant facility within a cGMP environment.