Cryogenic Storage

Precision LN2 Biostorage

Equipped with industry-leading technology to preserve and manage critical biological material at cryogenic temperatures, customers entrust Precision with collections requiring temperatures as cold as -196°C. Our offsite cGMP biorepositories have the resources necessary to meet regulatory compliance and treat all material with the utmost care. Safety and security, combined with superior client services, are our priorities.

Academic, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and government organizations rely on cryogenic storage facilities to safeguard cell banks, tissue samples, and other temperature-sensitive biological materials. For many organizations, using a secure offsite cryogenic storage facility helps reduce costs and removes the uncertainty associated with biological preservation and management. The Precision team saves our clients time and money.

Cryogenic Storage Solution

Precision Stability Storage cryogenic freezers are compliant with regulatory requirements and will safeguard sensitive biological materials under all cryo applications.

Our LN2 cryogenic storage tanks:

  • With the warmest critical temperature being 135°C, we maintain temperatures as cold as -196°C.
  • Are in full compliance with cGMP regulations
  • 21 CFR compliant monitoring system


Samples We Store

Our cryogenic storage services enable organizations in research and clinical fields to access long-term biological and cell-based material storage. Under constant care and supervision, the material is stored and transported under the appropriate conditions.

Our facilities store a wide variety of temperature-sensitive materials, including:

Biological Material


Clinical Trials

Cell Banks




Stem Cells


Offsite GMP Biorepository

At Precision Stability Storage, we reduce the stress of storing and managing sensitive biological and cell-based material requiring cryogenic temperatures. Our offsite storage solution allows researchers to increase productivity and focus their time and energy on developing lifesaving therapies.

Establishing a storage facility is costly, and storing with an offsite cGMP biorepository eliminates

  • Capital equipment and infrastructure expenses
  • Overhead and labor costs
  • Equipment maintenance

Off-site cGMP biorepositories eliminate the burden of establishing and maintaining an on-site storage facility. With state-of-the-art technology and experienced staff, Precision will help you focus your time and energy on the science in the lab. Temperature ranges from ambient to -196°C; our cGMP biorepositories can accommodate various controlled temperature environments to meet your needs.


Benefits of Off-site Cryogenic Storage

Around-the-Clock Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of valuable temperature-sensitive assets and equipment in real-time. Our monitoring system sends automated phone and email alerts when critical temperature parameters are out of range.

State-of-the-Art Inventory Management

Our inventory management system complies with industry standards, and through an online portal, clients have complete transparency regarding their material inventory and environmental conditions.

Top-to-Bottom Security Measures

Security is our priority. Our facilities operate with 24/7 video monitoring and other preventative features to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of stored material. These critical systems reduce and provide early detection of adverse events.

Back-up Systems for Peace of Mind

In the unlikely event that one of our LN2 cryogenic storage units should fail, we have at-temperature backup freezers ready for service. Material entrusted to us remains securely stored under the appropriate conditions.

Precision Stability Storage is your offsite resource to ensure the highest quality care of material requiring cryogenic storage. Request a free quote today!