Refrigerated Storage

Refrigerated storage is used to preserve temperature-sensitive biological material in the laboratory. Short-term preservation of these working stocks is critical to the integrity and efficacy of the laboratory process and also plays a pivotal role in the accuracy and reliability of outcomes.

Precision dedicates itself to helping life science organizations evaluate low-temperature storage requirements. Selecting the right partner requires careful consideration. It’s essential to choose a vendor with a strong reputation, experience, and a commitment to maintaining the integrity and security of your assets.

What is Refrigerated Storage?

Refrigerated biostorage, also known as cold storage, refers to storing working stocks of biological materials at a low temperature without freezing.

  • Temperature Range: maintains temperatures between 2°C and 8°C (36°F to 46°F).
  • Duration: ideal for short-term storage.
  • Viability: preserves materials by slowing down biological processes.


Precision Off-Site Refrigerated Storage

Precision biorepository services for refrigerated materials involve the storage, management, and distribution of specimens in temperature-controlled environments.

We offer our clients,

  • Critical redundancies
  • Controlled temperature environments.
  • Advanced security measures.
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of all critical parameters.
  • A robust quality system of SOPs to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.

Precision Stability Storage is committed to maintaining the highest standards of storage quality, compliance, and security.

Biological Materials


Lab Chemicals

Medical Devices

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