Nutraceuticals, Bio-Sciences, Genetics, Cosmetics, & Tobacco

Precision can work with your Quality Assurance group to establish a proper storage protocol for your stability studies or follow your existing protocol. We maintain over 10 of the commonly recommended ICH stability storage conditions to provide the proper climatic zone for your study. Whether it be trial batches of a new product, API, or medical devices, we can accommodate your needs.

Precision upholds the highest sample management standards as we receive and inventory your pharmaceutical products. We’ll store your product in the pre-specified chamber at your desired product orientation, follow your protocol per pull dates, and confirm that the proper amount of samples are pulled per your selected dates and reserves.

Precision can ship your samples back to your facility or to a specified group for testing.  Our stability storage facilities are equipped to provide shipping at specific temperatures from -20 to ambient temperatures and to log data during the shipment. If you are located near the storage facility, we can make pick-ups and deliveries.  We also have many customers that use express shipping to destinations across the country.